Resolution in Support of the Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

Resolution of the United Front Webinar on 12.2.2023, 

Millions of people were affected by the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. Around 20 thousand people in Turkey and 4 thousand people in Syria lost their lives. Thousands of people were injured. There are still hundreds of thousands of people under collapsed buildings. The death toll will only increase.

Fascism, which destroys nature with rent policies that serve its own interests by increasing and aggravating exploitation, is responsible for the death and injury of thousands of people since the earthquake. In many countries around the world and in Turkey, people who want to send aid and participate in the work are prevented from doing so. Pressure on the press is increasing and social media accounts are blocked for reporting news.

Although the border cities of Rojava are also heavily affected by the earthquake, aid is prevented because the borders are closed, and the IS gangs in the regions occupied by the Turkish state attack and loot the aid, that was sent with many difficulties.

The anti-imperialist, anti-fascist forces all over the world have an important duty to support the peoples of Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria who are suffering under the devastating consequences of the earthquake.

We need to utilize the cooperation of other international anti-imperialist and democratic organizations and social networks to develop a wider global support network to support the peoples of the affected areas of Turkey and Syria.

We, the Anti-Imperialist Anti-Fascist United Front, call on you to stand with and support our people affected by the earthquake.

We have initiated many campaigns to meet the needs of the people affected by the earthquake. One of them is the donation campaign organized by our member organization ATİK. The funds obtained in the campaign are donated to the people in need and the needed materials are delivered to the people affected by the devastating earthquake to be taken and distributed directly to those in need. As the Anti-Imperialist Anti-Fascist United Front, we call on you to support this campaign launched by ATIK!

Those who want to support the campaign can donate to the following bank accounts:



"Spende Erdbeben 2023"

IBAN: NL08 INGB000 6068972




„Erdbeben Türkei/Syrien/Kurdistan“

IBAN DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84