Rules for the work of the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front

United Front, 

Documents UF-Worldconcress, revised March 2021

Rules 1-5 concern the situation until the meeting of 28.03.2021

Rule 1. As initiators of the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front (hereinafter the UnitedFront or Front), the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) and the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), shall issue the foregoing Call and shall invite other international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist formations to join the Front.

The United Front shall be a movement of allied organizations without democratic centralism and a costly and expensive apparatus.

Rule 2.For the first phase – e.g. the first half of the year 2020 – a Provisional Consultative Committee will consist of three representatives of ICOR and ILPS each. At the end of the transitory period the Provisional Committee must render account. A proposal for the composition of the Consultative Committee must be made, which does justice to the up to then certainly extended composition.

Rule 3. The Provisional Consultative Committee shall invite, receive and confirm applications for participation of international formations, organizations and individuals of whatever social sector or geographic scale that agree with the Call and the Rules of the Front. All participants of the Front, including those represented in the Committee, shall define their affiliation themselves.

Rule 4. Declaration of participation in the United Front shall be reported to ILPS and ICOR by March 31, 2020. These declarations may contain proposals for improvement to the documents, application for the collaboration in the Consultative Committee and proposals and actions to be taken up by the Consultative Committee.

Rule 5. The tasks of the Provisional Consultative Committee consist of:

  • publishing the Call and proposed Rules; concerning the rules it must be differentiated between parts of the rules which are consensus between ICOR and ILPS and parts of the rules which still have to be finally clarified.

  • recruiting members for the United Front on the basis of the documents

  • collecting proposals for improving the documents

  • unfolding the discussion on differences

  • proposing final documents including the proposals for improvement and the discussion

  • mobilizing of applications for the Consultative Committee

  • organizing a democratic method of composition of the Consultative Committee

  • planning the forging and launching of the Front that will take place before the end of June, 2020.

  • defining and detailing the invitation process and methods of the launch forum

It is proposed that the launch forum could take place the last week of May 2020 in combination with a week of anti-imperialist global actions

Rule 6.The first meeting of the Consultative Committee during the forging/launch of the Front decides on the implementation of “Call” and “Rules”, considers more detailed modalities of the work, and adopts a catchy short name. Further participation to the Front is confirmed by the Consultative Committee.

Representatives of said international formations that agree with the Call and Rules shall constitute the Consultative Committee of the Front.

The membership of the Consultative Committee shall be limited to a working size of ten to fifteen representatives of said international formations.

Designated representatives of important national organizations and prominent individuals, according to specific rules to be adopted in the future can attend committee meetings as observers on invitation of the Consultative Committee(hereinafter also called Committee).

Rule 7. The position of presiding officer of the Committee to be known as President shall rotate at fixed intervals. The first Presidency will be shared by ILPS and ICOR for one year. Afterwards, it rotates every two years among the incumbent members according to the alphabetical names of the international formations forming the Committee.

    1. Rule 8. The aims and purposes of the Committee:

a. To bring together, through their representatives, anti-imperialist and democratic formations of whatever scale or in whatever field of concern that agree with the aforesaid call for building the Front;

b. To encourage, facilitate and promote unity among them through practical cooperation as well as consultations and consensus on issues;

c. To issue statements on issues and call for coordinated actions and campaigns;

d. To encourage the building of thematic platforms for coordination and action within the United Front, as for instance of women, workers, indigenous, research institutes, etc. if required.

Rule 9. The campaigns and actions of the Front, which shall be agreed upon by the Committee, shall include the following: advocacy, research, publications, congresses, conferences, seminars and social and political actions.

Rule 10. The representatives in the Committee shall attend meetings of the Committee at their respective expense. The formations that they represent shall be responsible for raising the resources for the campaigns and actions within their respective spheres. If joint costs are incurred, they are shared proportionately.

Rule 11. Regular meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once a year to be attended in person by a majority of the members. Timely meetings of the Committee shall be held by video conference on any outstanding matter proposed by at least a majority of members.

Rule 12. There shall be a coordinating staff provided by the international formation represented by the incumbent President. The annual meetings are also hosted by the organization which provides the President at the time.

Rule 13. The President ensures timely information and deliberation among all members of the Consultative Committee and sends out information letters from the Consultative Committee to all participants of the United Front on a regular basis. All participants of the United Front have the right to make proposals to the Committee and to receive an answer accordingly.

Rule 14. Cooperation is in mutual respect, with a democratic culture of debate, and decisions are made by consensus. Formations can decide for themselves whether to participate decided activities. Reliable cooperation has to follow in case of confirmation of participation.

Rule 15. At the end of each important period, at least once every two years (except for the first year of joint Chairpersons), the Committee calls a forum to render account of its work and present proposals to further develop the work of the Front and, if necessary, the structures (including regulations of renewal). The Consultative Committee will further discuss and draw conclusions based on the discussions in the forum. The renewal of membership can be done at the last meeting of the outgoing Consultative Committee allowing for the replacement of one third of members if the maximum is already achieved.