Taking to the streets against occupation and colonialism on May 1

Report by Cemil Sidwo, representative of the Revolutionary Communist Movement (TKŞ), 

Contribution to the United Front Webinar on 23.4.2023

On May 1, we will go to the streets with the slogan "Long live May 1 - Fight the occupation and colonial capitalism! Long live our Rojava revolution!" on the streets and organize a symposium beforehand.

May Day is taking place again this year under the ever-present threat of invasion attacks from the fascist Turkish state. Many people here are refugees who have had to leave their towns of Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrîn, occupied by mercenaries and jihadists in the service of the Turkish state. They live under enormously difficult conditions. The main cause of this suffering is the imperialist states and their partner, the Turkish colonial state, who want to stop the construction of free life and self-determination. For this, they are trying to wear down the revolution from inside and outside.

In Rojava, all doors and borders are closed. The people are suffering from great worries and hardships in terms of life and food. The fascist Turkish state only opens the borders to Bab and Idlib to help the gangs there. Today's policy is being carried out with the help of states like Russia. The U.S. is also trying to achieve its goals in the region.

Appropriate measures are taken against the embargo depending on the means available to the autonomous administration. For example, extensive relations have been established recently. Political relations and alliances are being established to improve the structure of our cities and to enable trade.

But the interests of imperialists and capitalist states are an obstacle. For example, the war in Ukraine is harming us economically, militarily and in every way. The imperialist and reactionary states are waging wars everywhere. We also see the attacks in Palestine, where heavy weapons and missiles are used. Wherever there is resistance, they want to end it. The imperialist-capitalist wars are affecting the masses in the Middle East and all over the world.

The Turkish state is attacking in all areas of Kurdistan. We commemorate all the martyrs of Rojava-North and Eastern Syria and bow with respect to the comrades of MLCP, Baran Serhat (Bayram Namaz) and Ahmet Şoreş (Zeki Gürbüz), who were assassinated through targeted assassinations.

Recently, Mazlum Abdi, the general commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, was again the target of airstrikes. Banned chemical weapons are used against revolutionaries in the attacks on the Free Mountains in Southern Kurdistan. The elections in Turkey are an important factor and the earthquake has also changed the situation. After the earthquake, the Turkish colonial state has hindered our reconstruction and relief work and has carried out more air attacks.

The Turkish state wants to restore the old Ottoman rule. It sends its soldiers and gangs even to Libya and Ukraine. His dream is to re-establish the old borders in South Kurdistan from Mosul to the sea. In his attacks he gets support from the KDP in South Kurdistan. But despite this betrayal, the struggle for democracy and socialism continues.

The day of unity, struggle and solidarity of the working class is celebrated in different ways in every country of the Middle East, e.g. with festivals, demonstrations or picnics. In most Middle Eastern countries, May Day is a public holiday. But May Day is not celebrated properly. In 1925, for example, there was the Syrian Communist Party, which fought for the rights of workers and for working hours to be 8 hours. This is far from enough for the workers and laborers. Following the slogan "Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite", we must fight together against capitalism.

As TKŞ, we mobilize the workers and toilers, the women and youth in Northern and Eastern Syria for May Day and try to involve them even more in building the revolution. We mobilize in the form of visits, discussions, distribution of leaflets and personal invitations. On May 1, we organize rallies. Beforehand, we organize a symposium.

The first topic we will discuss at this symposium is the development of capitalism and the stage it has reached. Second, the history of May Day in Syria and in Rojava. We will discuss the achievements of the workers and toilers in Rojava and what struggles they face for socialist construction under enormously difficult conditions. We would be happy if you send us contributions with greetings, reports from your May Day work and analyses on imperialism in the coming days to discuss at the symposium.

We celebrate May Day of all workers, toilers and oppressed people of the world and greet you. When we communists, democrats, progressive people stand together, we stop the imperialist wars. Long live May Day.