We salute the courageous action of October 7 against the racist, genocidal and colonialist Israel! Shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian people for freedom, dignity and justice!

MLKP Center Comittee, Turkey, 

On the morning of October 7, the mass self-sacrificial action of Palestinian patriots dealt a heavy political, moral and ideological blow to the racist, genocidal, colonialist war machine and its armed and unarmed fascist high bureaucracy. Those who declared that they had buried the will of the Palestinian people turning it into a refugee community, rendered it incapable of defending the national dignity of the Palestinian Arabs, and declared the physical and electronic walls of the Israeli state insurmountable, have lived through a nightmare whose effects will last for decades to come.

The war machine called Israel under the rule of the fascist, racist, colonialist Zionists is the shame of the Jews. The state of Israel has become a black mark on the forehead of the Jews with its grave crimes against humanity committed against the Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arab people for 80 years and its support of the fascist, torturing regimes that are enemies of the working and laboring people of the world. Those who committed massacres and genocides against the Jews in all parts of the world in the 20th century, from the Russian tsarist empire, the bitter enemy of the peoples, to the racist, fascist and genocidal Hitler regime, to today's State of Israel and Netenyahu, Gallant, Halevi as well as their ilk who rule it, have the same lineage. With the same mentality and ideology, they are enemies of humanity.

The political and military struggle of the Palestinian people against the fascist war machine, genocidal attacks and colonialism is legitimate, just and moral. No demagogy can obscure this reality. MLKP stands by the side of the Palestinian people and the October 7 Movement. The Palestinian resistance trenches and attack positions are the resistance trenches and attack positions of all peoples of Asia Minor and the Middle East.

We call upon the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Yazidi working people, women, youth, urban and rural laborers, scientists, intellectuals and artists of the thousand-flowered garden of the Middle East to support the Palestinian people, to show solidarity and to fight together for the liberation of Palestine, for a free Middle East and a democratic federation of the Middle East against the alliances and forces that are hostile to the peoples of the Middle East centered on Israel and the United States.

We call on the working and oppressed of all continents to take to the streets and extend the struggle for the unconditional end of Israel's fascist, colonialist and genocidal attacks, for the Palestinian Arab nation's right to self-determination, for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Israeli jails and for the unconditional realization of the right of return of millions of Palestinians in exile throughout the world.

Long live the struggle for freedom of the peoples of Palestine and Kurdistan!

Long live free Palestine and free, united Kurdistan!