Protest as a Warning to the Israeli Government

Pari Thapa, Member of Central Headquarters, Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal (RCPN), 

Protest Note on behalf of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal (RCPN) as a reminder to the government of Israel at the Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu organized under the aegis of the Central Mass Struggle Mobilizing Committee of the party.

Protest as a Warning to the Israeli Government

The latest version of armed conflict between the state of Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas started on 7 October 2023 and has continued to date, which spans three months and three weeks as of now.

However, Israel and Hamas implemented a four-day ceasefire agreement which was later extended to seven days from 24–30 November but the truce couldn't go further and bring hope for the end of the war.

Data obtained from reliable sources suggests that 26, 422 plus have been killed, 65,087 plus have been wounded 7,000 plus are missing in the Gaza Strip alone, likewise 1,436 have been killed, 8,787 plus have been wounded, 253 have been captured or abducted 2 are missing on the Israeli side so far. Altogether more than 27, 000 people have lost their precious lives during this war.

News has it that a total number of 1,900,000 Palestinians have been displaced in the Gaza Strip, and similarly 500,000 Israelis have been displaced. In addition to this 1,000 plus Hmas militants have been killed, and 200 have been captured inside Israel.

The above facts and figures make it crystal clear that the war has evolved into a genocidal crime, and both the Palestinian people in Gaza as well as the Israeli people have suffered a lot. In a nutshell, Gaza has converted into an open jail and just like a dreadful graveside.

We have already handed over a memorandum to the Prime Minister of Israel His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu through the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu Nepal on 17 October 2023 venting our solemn concerns over the consequences brought about by the war.

We maintain the view that the ongoing war between the two sides is a war between unparalleled and unequal forces precisely because Israel, as a military sophisticated state power, has perpetrated inhuman atrocities against the unarmed ordinary masses of Palestinian people living in Gaza.

Hence, once again, we condemn the war crimes committed by the Israeli regime in the strongest possible terms notifying the Israeli authorities in general and drawing serious attention to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the head of the government, in particular, to immediately stop this brutal and genocidal war here and now and to take the initiative for peac-building so that the peace-loving people of Israel and Palestine could live in harmony and breathe peacefully and prosper hand in hand.

At the same time, we condemn the warmongering policies and practices of Western countries, namely, the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom which are siding with the regime of Israel as well.

Thank you so much for your attention!

Pari Thapa,

Member of Central Headquarters,

Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal (RCPN)