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Documents par toutes les organisations de l'Inde. Triés par date de soumission ou de dernière modification dans l'ordre décroissant.
Mass Upsurges for Women’s Rights

Mass Upsurges for Women’s Rights

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), CPI (ML), 6th January 2013 Lire la suite…

On the Agrarian Question in India and Its Resolution

On the Agrarian Question in India and Its Resolution

by PJ James, CPI(ML) Communist Party of India, 1 April 2012 Lire la suite…

Invitation to the Asian Agricultural Conference

Asian Agricultural Conference, Convening Committee C-141, Sainik Nagar, New Delhi – 110059, India PH: 91-11-25332343, 09972999080, 07838856058 Email: Lire la suite…

India: Preparations for Observing Fukushima Day Progress

Extract from "Red Star Weekly", Volume 1, Issue 3, 19 February 2012 CPI (ML), India Lire la suite…

Dow Shalt Not Kill!

Press Statement by the CPI/ML, 12 December 2011 Lire la suite…

Declare Solidarity with Ms. Sharmila’s Indefinite Fast Against AFSPA

Support Struggle of People of North-East for Repealing AFSPA Lire la suite…

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